Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mission De-clutter...Entryway Reorganization

I admit that I am a little "over the top" when it comes to organization..well not that bad...oh, who am i kidding?  I am a nut when is comes to keeping things neat and put away.

But this is me, it is how I work, it is how I clear my head and have peace.  If the house, car or office are cluttered then my mind is cluttered.  Cluttered with all kinds of junk that keeps me spinning, feeling like I am just a hamster running in a wheel.  The clutter keeps me so distracted that I can't be as productive has I would like. In my world clutter breeds chaos, and chaos and I aren't very good friends.  Everything doesn't have to sparkle, my junk just has to have its place and stay there when not in use.  Not crazy, right?

Since I have been pregnant and nurturing baby boys the past two years, chaos has tried to become a permanent resident in my home. I have dealt with it, and let him visit for a bit, but now it is time for him to go.  This mommy is no longer pregnant, losing the two years of baby weight and getting my my energy back.  Aaahhh!  Just writing makes me feel so much better.  

The de-clutter bug has bitten me hard; so you will probably see many posts of me reorganizing and getting my home back in order after the two years that we now refer to as my hard time served in the "Pregnancy Prison".

I started with the kid's bathroom a couple of weeks ago.  This week I moved onto the entryway.  This picture doesn't do the chaos it once was justice.

This is after the massive mountain of toys was banished upstairs.  There once was a nice shelf that when organized kept the toys nice and neat.  The problem was that we are still trying teach Cracker Jack how to put away toys.  He is getting better at it, but most of the time toys carpeted our entryway.

Once the toys were organized upstairs, this is all that was left...our shoe basket, and a small row of hooks that barely hold ball caps.  I knew this wasn't going to keep everyone's stuff crap things organized.

I had visions of something very Pottery this...
Samantha Entryway Collection

Or this...

Brady 5-Piece Entryway System, Black

Or, ooohhh, this!

Brady 4-Piece Double Bench Entryway System, Black

But the budget was just not going to stretch that far, heck or stretch at all for a project like this.

I had to make do with what I had and make a couple of minor purchases.  My goal was to have small hooks for keys.  Baskets for mail and wallets. Large hooks for adult coats, and a row of hooks low to the floor for the kids to hang their coats, sweaters and school bags.  I also wanted some sort of bench, and the shoe basket to stay.

This is what I came up with...

I kept the small hooks we already had and used those for keys.  I had some baskets and just nailed those straight to the wall for the odds and ends I mentioned.  

I purchased two sets of large hooks one long, and one short.  The short one was hung high for adult coats, and the long one was hung lower for the kids things.  Hey, if they can hang up their stuff at school, they can do it at home!

The bench is an ottoman from our family room.  It was completely in the way there, but makes a great bench for this area.  Lastly, the shoe basket stayed.  Basically, when everyone comes home shoes get thrown in there vs. getting thrown all over the house for me to trip over.

I love it!  For very little cash...I have a new entryway with a touch of the Pottery Barnish vision I was looking for.  Here is one more view...

                               head is becoming less cluttered everyday!

Do you have trouble with a cluttered mind when your world is full of clutter?  Or is that just me?

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