Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ribbon Easter Eggs

I wanted to dress up some plain, white, plastic Easter eggs, while really committing to using just items from my stash.

I tried covering them in glitter...FAIL.
I tried a pattern of buttons...double FAIL.
I tried fabric and modge podge...triple FAIL.

Then, the light bulb finally went off and I tried my ribbon scraps...


They turned out to be adorable with very little effort and money.  I {heart} little effort and money!  These did take a little longer than the wreath.  It took one 2 hour episode of Dancing With the Stars vs. an hour of Grey's Anatomy.

Transformation Thursday

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Babies and Bluebonnets

Even before I had children, I have always wanted to take pictures of my babies in Texas bluebonnets.  Today I  finally pulled it off!

At first, it wasn't looking like a promising photo shoot...
Thankfully, we dried the tears quickly and got some great shots of the boys...

Mission accomplished!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Easter Wreath {Tutorial}

I've been a really bad blogger lately, and an even worst crafter.  Life has just been crazy with my work, Jer's school, and such.  Now that things have settled for the moment...I am back!  Ready to craft for Spring and Easter and share with the two or three of you who are so sweet to read The Telelporting Toddler.  I {heart} you!

I was in the mood to make an Easter wreath while spending as little cash as possible.  I have been wanting to make the cute wreaths I have seen around with fabric scraps, so here is my Easter version...

You really just need a coat hanger and some cute, fun, "springy" fabric scraps.  I added a couple of more embellishments, but it isn't necessary.

Bend the coat hanger into an egg or oval shape.
Cut the fabric scraps into strips about 1 inch wide and 6 inches long.
Cut enough strips to fill your hangers.  I used about 1/4 yard of each of the four fabrics shown was plenty for the basic hanger I used.
Begin tying the strips of fabric to your hanger with a simple knot.
Alternate the different colors of fabric as desired.
Keep tying until the coat hanger is full.  Fluff and shape into an Easter egg shape.
I found a cute little bunny pick at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  I just broke off the pick, ran some ribbon through her ears, and hung her in the middle of the wreath.  I added a big tulle bow on top....tada...a cute super easy Easter egg wreath!  I did the whole project while watching Grey's last is that simple and quick!

Check out some other fun projects at:


The Centsational Girl

Thursday, March 24, 2011


This week I have been sorting through old pics in efforts to finish begin Jack's first year scrapbook.  Jack turned 2 in January...I am a little behind.  This pic is of him at about 3 months old, which was 2 years ago!  Time flies.  Baby Jude is about to turn a year old, and I haven't even started Jack's scrapbook or even thought about poor Jude's. 

It really bugs me.

It bothers me that I am so behind.  Not scrapbooking major events for over 2 years is just not me.

Neither is...

allowing the floor of my car be coated in cracker crumbs and fruit snacks,
tolerating mixed up colors of play dough and paint,
not noticing the smell of sour milk,
driving with an expired inspection sticker and registration,
enjoying an Imagination Movers concert,
putting on a t-shirt inside out,
preferring Diego over Dora,
getting excited about a sale at Carter's, and not even knowing the dates of Nordstrom's half yearly sale.

Becoming a mother is an incredible adjustment.  I've changed my sleep, personal life, work load...the list goes on and on.  I think I have handled those adjustments fairly well.  I have the occasional, sometimes frequent, meltdown.  But what I never expected, was that I would have to adjust to a new me.  The me that lets things go and is a complete mess at times.  It's hard.  It's not easy to look down at my inside-out t-shirt, covered in sour milk.  It's nearly impossible not to think of the me that would have been wearing a crisply ironed, white shirt, with stain-free khakis, while wearing those cute new heels I picked up at the Nordstrom's sale.  

Just like going to college, moving into my first apartment, getting my first real job, getting married...I changed.  Motherhood is the same.  It brings a change of self much more overwhelming, but with many more benefits.  So, I'll give myself a break and embrace the change.  Except maybe the car inspection and registration.  I probably should take care of those.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Throw Me Something Mister!

"Throw Me Something Mister!"  That is Jack's new favorite phrase to yell throughout the house while throwing leftover beads in the air.  You will be happy to know that I didn't swipe all of them from the kids while they slept.  I just had them past them out to all their friends! hehe

What a fun trip!  My first Mardi Gras as a Mommy was a success, and surprisingly very little drama.  The children were fun, content, and well-behaved.  The food was heavenly.  The weather ended up being enjoyable and the parade was a blast!  A few of the kids (and Roxy, the dog) got pegged in the head with throws, but no permanent damage.  Oh, and no one choked on the baby from the King Cake!

Here are just a few shots of the fun that was had...
Brooke, Delaney, Izzy and Roxy waiting for the parade to begin.

Me and my siblings...Tricia and Troy.  Yes, we are Tracey, Tricia and Troy.  What can I say, it was the 70s?

Iz and D enjoying the scene.

It's fun seeing floats now run through my childhood neighborhood.

Jude catching who knows what from tasting the beads!

Jack wondering how in the world he is going to get untangled.

D weighted down!

Sweet Macey enjoying her first parade.

Jer and being silly with the Bug.

There is nothing better than being surrounded by all the ones that I love most!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mardi Gras Road Trip

As I type my post title, I am laughing to myself on how much the meaning of a "Mardi Gras Road Trip" has changed for me in the past twenty years...has it really been that long ?!?!  

Twenty years ago a Mardi Gras road trip would have meant a great time in New Orleans with friends, fun, great food, beads, and several hurricanes. If you have ever been to Mardi Gras you know I am not talking about a major weather event went I speak of hurricanes.

Now a Mardi Gras road trip consists of a trip to Shreveport with family, five children under the age of six, fun, great food, beads, and several sippy cups.  Not to mention the diapers, wipes, and "lovies" that need to be packed.  

For my Louisiana readers, I am happy to report when Jack realizes we are heading to Granny and Papa Joe's, he has the over whelming desire to bring every piece of clothing, toy, and book that is purple and gold or has this image...  

He must think that they will send him back if he isn't prepared to prove that even if he is a Texan, he has decided to grow up a Tiger.

Needless to say, getting ready for a trip to Mardi Gras is dramatically different than it was twenty years ago.  I am beyond thrilled to be with my entire family and share this special event with my hubby and kids. 

I look forward to watching all the baby cousins play, spend quality time with my siblings, and enjoy my parents.  I am also looking forward to teaching my kiddos how to catch these...

The appropriate, family-friendly way that is.

I can't  wait to overeat on treats such as these...

After I poke my fingers through it to make sure my kiddos don't choke on this...

Stay tuned for pics and I am sure entertaining stories on my first Mardi Gras as a Mommy.  Since I have no doubt that our car will be fifty pounds heavier with Mardi Gras beads, I am already planning ways to store and organize them...more like plotting ways to get rid of them without the kiddos noticing.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Looking Back

About this time in...

2008...We were engaged to be to married.

2009...Had a brand new baby Jack.

2010...Enjoying that sweet face!  And me in the background with baby Jude about ready for his arrival.

2011...My precious boys playing so nicely together.  I wonder how long that brotherly love will last?!?

I still can't get over how much my life has changed in 3 short years.  I am so incredibly blessed!
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