Sunday, September 12, 2010

Children's Bathroom Before & After

If I should ever go missing one day, just look under the piles of laundry in my house. More than likely that is where you will find me.  Laundry is my arch enemy.  I swear as soon as I think I am finished it slithers out from the corners of every room and makes an attempt to nab me.

This bathroom redo originally began with a simple addition of a laundry hamper.  That addition caused the bathroom toys to be moved, which created a purging and organizing event, which lead to a new shower curtain, which lead to some new accessories, which led get the picture.  If you know me personally, you got it after reading the first sentence.  It's a disease, I can't help it.

The "children's" bathroom was originally Delaney Bug's bathroom.  I decorated it with a Princess theme before Bug, Jer and I became a family.

Bug loved the bathroom so much that she would take anyone who entered the house on a tour of HER bathroom.  Jack came along, and now Jude, and the Princess bathroom is just not so royal anymore...sigh.

As I said before, laundry is my nemesis.  You see!  Clothes creeping from all corners.  Again, if you know me...this drives me a little nuts INSANE!  So I had to do something about it.

My Prince, Jer, bathes the children every night...yes you read that correctly...every single night.  He does bath time while I am cleaning up dinner and preparing lunch, bottles, etc. for the next day.  Since Jer is always in charge of bath time, I have never given him a hard time about not making the children pick up their clothes.  I mean, hey, he does all bathing.  But I really needed this tornado of clothes, toys, name be gone. 

So I added a hamper in the bathroom.  My thought is that Jer can have the children put their clothes directly in the hamper when undressing vs. putting them in the hampers in their rooms after their bath.  There is a better chance of the clothes actually getting in the hamper if it is in the same room when they start their naked time ritual.

I moved a few things around and realized that the bath toys were overtaking this tiny room.  A little cleaning and purging and the bath toys had a new home.

This is Jack's old hamper, since he won't be needing it in his room anymore.  I hung it with some suction hooks I had lying around.  I love this because it is tilted just enough to let the water drain.  The children can put all the toys in the basket, Jer can hang it up and I can keep my sanity.  By the way, bath toys gross me out.  I just know they are full of germs and nastiness; so this will allow me to take this basket out to the driveway to sanitize every now and then.

The bath toys led to getting a new shower curtain because Bug's pink one was getting a little yucky.

A new shower curtain caused a change in accessories, because sea animals do not go with tiaras and jewels.  I had some blank canvases from a failed attempt at an art project.  I painted them with some of the sea life from the curtain.  I also wanted hooks for the children to hang up their towels; so that they could be used for at least one more bath.  Remember my laundry wants to eat me alive.  I am constantly trying to think of ways to reduce the ever growing monstrous pile.  Bug painted these hooks.  Blue is for her.  Orange is for Jack. Green is for Jude.

Aren't they cute?  We took some plastic cups out of the kitchen cabinet, and used the same colors for storing toothbrushes. Blue for Bug. Orange for Jack. Green for Jude...when he has teeth.

I am so pleased with the outcome of my attempt at adding a laundry hamper.  Not only is the hamper there, but every piece of evidence of the disaster that was my children's bathroom is now gone.  Let's take one more look...

So easy to do and satisfying.  No longer do I want to run down the stairs screaming when I enter this part of the house.


  1. This is great! I love how you can make a complete room out of anything lying around your house! I just love your blogs! They are full of such great ideas and perspective! Especially for those of us who are excited to someday be future mommies!

  2. Thanks Sam! I love writing it, and it makes me so happy to hear that others are enjoying it. Feel free to share it! Miss you guys!


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