Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top 11 of 2011

Wow!  Unlike most moms posting their top 11 pics of 2011, it wasn't difficult to narrow my pics down to only 11.  What I discovered is that I DID NOT pick up my camera enough in the past year...complete embarrassment and shame!  This is something that is definitely going to change for 2012!

Here they are in chronological order...

1.  Taking pics for Mommy in the Texas bluebonnets was not Jack's idea of fun.  I caught this right before his signature dramatic sad face.

2.  Sweet Baby Jude turning 1!  This is just after the Bernal ritual of getting chocolate birthday cake smeared all over your face.

3.  Cracker Jack getting excited to see the animals at the Pumpkin Farm...genuine excitement!

4.  My sweet boys waiting, as patiently as little boys can wait, for the hayride.

5.  Jude giving me is best dimple face.

6.  Jack again, being not so eager to pose for Mommy.  This was caught in the middle of him getting as far was from the camera as he can!

7.  Loving bubbles!

8.  Sweet siblings.

9.  My Sweet Baby Jude suddenly turned into a little man.  This picture makes my heart swell and break all at the same time!

10.  A rare quiet and fleeting moment.

11.  A boy and his robot...pure bliss!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cowboy Picnic

Being home with the boys the last few days has been a rare treat for Jer and I.  It has been a nice change of pace. We have forgotten our hectic daily torture commute and are just, well....being totally and completely LAZY.  It's been heavenly!  The boys have loved it too.  Lazy in their world means staying in pajamas and being more rowdy than any teacher, aunt, or even Granny would ever allow.

Complete freedom from routine has made them a powerful force...a force that brings me to my knees, in exhaustion and prayer, pretty much hourly. So, early this morning when the house became silent, I was terrified to look and see what new messy disaster was waiting for me to clean up.  To my shock and awe, I found my darling duo sitting quietly on their sister's bed having a "Cowboy picnic"...according to Jack.  

I think Jude was just taking a breather before taking on Jack in a jumping on the bed duel.

There was something so sweet and peaceful about my rough and rowdy boys being surrounded by girly pink, just enjoying some quality time together.  

Like most events similar to this, it was fleeting.  Jack broke the calm with a "YEEHAW" and duel was on!  First one to get a knot on the head that doesn't require stitches is the winner!

Life with these two is exhausting, but it will never be boring!
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