Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Loving School

Tuesday night was “Back To School Night” at my boys’ school.  We use the word “school” in our house, when many people consider it a day care center, but to us it is our boys’ school.  It is the place where they go to have their health and safety needs met while Jer and I are at work, but it is also where they go to play, make friends, be silly, and grow and learn about their world.  Their “school”, our school, is much more than a day care center for my boys.

As I left the event to go home and squeeze my two pairs of chubby cheeks, I couldn’t help but feeling overwhelmingly blessed to have such an amazing place, overflowing with incredible people, available to me and my family.

Many people ask me...

”How can you stand to be away from your boys for so long everyday?”
“How can you stomach the tuition each and every week?”
“Why don’t you just stay home?”
“How can you leave your boys to be cared for by strangers?”

My answers are always the same...

Being away from my boys is terribly hard.  I miss them each and every day, and yes some days it kills me.  This is what our family needs in this season of our lives.  This is our reality.  Plus, I simply enjoy my job.  I love what I do!

Yes, it is emotionally and financially hard to write that check each week, but it is all about how you look at it.  I am happy to pay for a quality education and top notch care for my boys.  Yes, I said education.  We call it “school” for a reason.  The boys are constantly participating in valuable learning activities...even Sweet Baby Jude!

Stay home?  It is not financially possible for me at this time in my life...period.  Because of that I am very thankful and happy to work at a wonderful company that supports my role as a full time employee and full time Mommy. I work because that is what my family needs.  Will it change?  Maybe, maybe not.  But right now, this is how our life works.  Daddy goes to work, Mommy goes to work, the boys go to school, and everyone manages while being happy, healthy and well adjusted.

The “cared for by strangers” question always cracks me up!  Strangers!?!  Are you kidding me?  The administration, teachers and staff who manage and work (tirelessly, I might add) at our school are part of our family, and we are a part of theirs. They have made a point to get to know us and we in return have grown to know them.  Because of this you can tell their “heart” is in what they do shows. 

Jack’s teachers know his likes, dislikes and how to make him laugh.  They know that currently a whimper is usually followed by a full blown tantrum, but they also know just how to soothe him.  They know that he is having trouble giving up the paci at home because for some reason Baby Jude gets to have one and he doesn’t.  They know he is obsessed with bockets, bobots and some strange reason, apples at the moment.

The wonderful women who care for Baby Jude everyday know the meaning of all his coos, quirks and funny faces.  They get just as excited about his milestones as we do, and if he hits one while we are away...they pretend it never happened and let us discover it ourselves. They are in love with his infectious giggle the same as we are.

I never worry about the boys’ care because this group of people are truly concerned about the welfare and happiness of the children in their charge.

Yes, some mornings when Cracker Jack is eager to go into the arms of his teachers, I do get a little sad...wishing I was the one who got to spend the day with him...secretly wanting him to cling to me instead.  Then I remember how fortunate and blessed I am that Jack admires, enjoys and trusts his teachers...completely.

That thought alone changes the outlook of my day, and makes it so much easier to walk way.  With a smile on my face, I leave knowing that my children will not only be watched over throughout the day, but TRULY loved.

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