Thursday, September 9, 2010

I {heart} Market Street!

Nope, they didn’t pay me to post that title…I just {heart} , as in L.O.V.E., them!  In my top five happy places, Market Street is at least at number two or three.

I love the quality of their produce, meat and deli products.  The bakery has never failed me and if I need a good wine to go with ____, there is always someone available to help make a selection.  I always assumed that shopping there would put a drain on my budget, but with careful planning it really doesn’t.

So when it came time to shop for this strict, extreme, almost insane diet that I decided to try, Market Street was my #1 destination…because I {heart} that place!

With my, very  boring, list in hand I held my nose through the bakery/deli/gourmet cheese isle to not be tempted and fill my cart with items that would cause me to cheat.  I took my time and enjoyed picking out my produce, meat, and zero calories, zero sugar, no fun condiments, and then made my way to the checkout line.  Even with the boring shopping list my trip was still enjoyable cause I {heart} them!

What I didn’t realize that while I was browsing this grocery store loveliness there were twisters popping up and tornado sirens going off in the area.  Market Street is so great.  They didn’t hesitate to make up stop everything we were doing and get into the back of the store in the dairy and produce vault.  Vault = cooler, and YES it was cool!  But, I was just so impressed that they were so concerned about the safety of their customers.  I have been in some places where the management wasn’t even aware of the weather! In the end, we were only in there a couple of minutes, but is was nice to know that through the storm we would have been safe and sound.  Did I tell you how much I {heart} them?

Here are some shots of inside the “dairy vault”.  That is my friend Mel who sweet talked a stocker out of his coat.  She is on the torture routine diet with me; so we decided to shop for moral support and to prevent each other from slipping a bag of cookies or bottle of wine in our carts.

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  1. It was very nice of you to say that I "sweet talked" the guy out of his jacket. You and I both know that Jeff didn't stand a chance once I caught sight of his nice and toasty Market Street jacket.


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