Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mommy Brain

Yes, you have heard of it - Mommy Brain.  It's a lot like Pregnancy Brain, which I never had, by the way.

Can you hear that noise?  That's my friends and family saying yelling, "Liar, liar, pants on fire!"

Ok, ok, I will finally admit that I do have Mommy Brain.  This is a struggle for me...a real battle.  I am the type of gal that remembers everything, EVERY detail.  I can used to be able to recall the craziest random details, events and numbers from several years back.  That was just me...another nutty way my brain worked.

As mothers, we have to remember 2,345,572 different things a day.  As wives, that number probably doubles.  Then I add on all the things I have to remember and recall for my detail laden job...the number just continues to multiply.  I have to face it - my hard drive is full.

To prevent a crash, I have just given up on remembering every single detail.  Every little piece of information just isn't as important as it used to be.  I have discovered that I can let some things slip out of my memory, and it's really OK.  The world didn't stop moving if I forget something every now and then.

For all the stuff that falls into important categories, I have strategies to back up my database.  I have resorted to extensive note taking, lists, and reminder sticky notes.  For example, I try to bring Cracker Jack a snack and drink when I pick him up in the afternoon.  It has been a challenge to remember his goodie as I am running out of the office to pick him up on time.  So, here is my strategy...

Notes on my phone...

Reminders on my computer...

"Last ditch attempt to make me remember" notes on my keys...

I finally remember to grab Jack's snack the day I started this intervention.  There is one detail I forgot...Jer was picking the boys up that day...sigh...maybe it's time to reformat. Hehe.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

$ Dollar Store Decorating for Fall $


In years past, I have always been geared up to decorate for seasons and holidays.  Even in my singleton years decorating was always a fun past time for me.  From September through January my homes were always pretty festive.

Unfortunately the last two years I have been very preggers...sick preggers...icky preggers.  You get the picture.  Pregnancy is a wonderfully beautiful thing, but we don't mix very all!  I was so sick and icky that Delaney Bug was lucky to get a decent Halloween costume, much less Fall and Halloween decorations in the house.

This year, when I started thinking about decorating for Fall that tired, icky feeling crept up on me.  Almost like my body has seasonally acquired nausea and a pale green color from September to January each year.  Then the realization washed over me...I AM NOT PREGGERS this YEAR!  YIPPEE!  Now, it's the decorating bug that has bit.

Most of my decorations have been purged over the last couple of years while making room for two more humans in the house.  So, I had very little to begin with, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money.  My prediction is that Cracker Jack will want to hold, play and disintegrate each and every piece of decoration; therefore, I wanted to spend as little cash as possible.

When my goal is to spend next to nothing I head to the local dollar store.  The following pictures are all examples of how I took very inexpensive items to make our home festive for the kids.  Especially Delaney Bug since she has endured the last two bland holiday seasons.

I decorated our breakfast room table with glass candle holders filled with candy corn around the candles.  I had the candle holders and candles, and bought the candy corn on sale.  The tinsel spider came from the dollar store, as well as the pumpkin felt cut outs.  I bunched it all together and it looks pretty cute.  

I told Bug that the candy has glue on it.  If I wouldn't have told that small little fib, those lovely pieces of candy would all go missing one early Saturday morning while I was still asleep.

This is our dining room table. The large pumpkin survived the great purge, but the rest of this is part of my dollar store shopping spree.  The leaves, felt cuts outs and gourds are all part of that purchase.  The leaves are hung with brown ribbon from my stash.

Here are a couple of more views...

More of the same on top of the china cabinet...

This wreath is made of foam core board and dollar store leaves.  I got the idea from a wonderful blog: Thrifty Decor Chick.  I {heart} her!  Check it out how to make this wreath - here.

I was thrilled to come upon this when planning my dollar store fit right into the budget...YAY!

Here are a few more places that I dropped the tinsel spiders.  The kids LOVE them, and play with them all the time.  Ha!  I don't care...cause they were CHEAP!  My heart will not break if they do.

Finally...I found these fun lanterns on my little shopping trip.  I really couldn't think of a place to use them, but I purchased them fear that they might be gone when a creative vision came to mind.  I ended up using some black tulle and made them into garland for the staircase.  This is my favorite....L.O.V.E. it!

Oh...and in efforts to kept Cracker Jack from holding tearing up everything.  I made him his own little Pumpkin Patch.  He is now obsessed with "punkins"...there are currently three of these sleeping with him. Sweet boy!  The idea is actually working - for now that is.

This was really easy, fun and inexpensive to put together.  Seasonal decorating really doesn't have to break the bank...especially when you have six little hands out and about!  Check out what you already have and see how you can add to it with some dollar store finds.

Check out these other wonderful ideas for fall decorating...there are hundreds!

Fall Decor at Hooked on Houses and mantel ideas at Nesting Place...such great ideas!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sweet Ending

It is not often that we get to go out...minus children...these days. We were in shock when we had plans for both Friday and Saturday night. Surprisingly we found a babysitter for both nights. Normally I would feel very guilty about this, but since it is a rare occurrence I was thrilled to have some Tracey/Jer time.

It was a fun and busy weekend, but the today was my favorite.

My Prince Jer wanted to clean the see why I call him Prince Jer. Since I was overjoyed that we would have a clean house, I helped out the situation by keeping Delaney Bug and Cracker Jack busy...outside.

We water colored...

We drew with sidewalk chalk...

We went to the playground...

A very sweet ending to a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Highchair Peace

Poor Cracker Jack never really got to be the baby for long.  Bless his heart, he was only four and half months old when I was completely shocked and awed that I was pregnant with Sweet Baby Jude.  We made sure that we gave Jack all the attention we could in his short time as the only.  We have tried to make the transition into older brotherhood easy for him.  But, hey, he isn't even's been hard!  Ha! For him and us!

So it really wasn't surprising when he became possessive of all his barely used baby equipment.  He hadn't sat in his bouncy seat in over a year, but it has quickly become his lounge chair since the day Jude came home.  I can forget bathing them together right now because Jack throws a fit to sit in Jude's bath chair.  Of course when Jack is in the bath alone, he could careless about sitting in it...figures.  The other day, we found him sitting in the exer-saucer, looking like he had fallen into a paint bucket, just having a blast playing with all the gadgets.

I don't know what I was thinking when I first put Jude into Jack's highchair...seriously Mommy...are you clueless?  It was N.U.T.S!

"Mommy! shriek! Mine! Mine! shriek! Up! Up!"

He was hanging on the tray practically pulling the thing over.  Jack really doesn't even need his highchair anymore, but let him see Jude sneaking in on his territory...and it's O.V.E.R.

I finally just gave up and started feeding Jude in the bouncy.  I guess highchair trumps bouncy in Jack's world.  Anyway, have you ever tried to feed a wiggly 5 month old in a BOUNCY?  Again, Mommy what were you thinking?  Jude bounced so much that I rarely could hit is mouth with the spoon. When I thought I had a good aim, his bouncy limbs would send the strained squash flying. Sigh.

I never in a million years thought I would have two boys in two years, and I never really thought there would be a day that I needed TWO highchairs.  Believe me I have fought it.  Yes, I thought about other options like a booster, but no, Jack wanted HIS highchair.  So I finally broke down and bought another one for Jude.

And this is what having two highchairs got me...


Best money ever spent.  Look at that brotherly love!  Yep, Jude looks hungry...

Aren't they sweet?!?!

Of course Jack could now careless about HIS old highchair.  The new one is now HIS...more than likely cause it sports a monkey motif.  Hey, I pick my battles!  Jude is now more than welcome to sit in his chair now.

Oh, and the peace lasted for about 2 minutes and 37 seconds, then the strained squash and hot dog nuggets went flying!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mission De-clutter...Entryway Reorganization

I admit that I am a little "over the top" when it comes to organization..well not that bad...oh, who am i kidding?  I am a nut when is comes to keeping things neat and put away.

But this is me, it is how I work, it is how I clear my head and have peace.  If the house, car or office are cluttered then my mind is cluttered.  Cluttered with all kinds of junk that keeps me spinning, feeling like I am just a hamster running in a wheel.  The clutter keeps me so distracted that I can't be as productive has I would like. In my world clutter breeds chaos, and chaos and I aren't very good friends.  Everything doesn't have to sparkle, my junk just has to have its place and stay there when not in use.  Not crazy, right?

Since I have been pregnant and nurturing baby boys the past two years, chaos has tried to become a permanent resident in my home. I have dealt with it, and let him visit for a bit, but now it is time for him to go.  This mommy is no longer pregnant, losing the two years of baby weight and getting my my energy back.  Aaahhh!  Just writing makes me feel so much better.  

The de-clutter bug has bitten me hard; so you will probably see many posts of me reorganizing and getting my home back in order after the two years that we now refer to as my hard time served in the "Pregnancy Prison".

I started with the kid's bathroom a couple of weeks ago.  This week I moved onto the entryway.  This picture doesn't do the chaos it once was justice.

This is after the massive mountain of toys was banished upstairs.  There once was a nice shelf that when organized kept the toys nice and neat.  The problem was that we are still trying teach Cracker Jack how to put away toys.  He is getting better at it, but most of the time toys carpeted our entryway.

Once the toys were organized upstairs, this is all that was left...our shoe basket, and a small row of hooks that barely hold ball caps.  I knew this wasn't going to keep everyone's stuff crap things organized.

I had visions of something very Pottery this...
Samantha Entryway Collection

Or this...

Brady 5-Piece Entryway System, Black

Or, ooohhh, this!

Brady 4-Piece Double Bench Entryway System, Black

But the budget was just not going to stretch that far, heck or stretch at all for a project like this.

I had to make do with what I had and make a couple of minor purchases.  My goal was to have small hooks for keys.  Baskets for mail and wallets. Large hooks for adult coats, and a row of hooks low to the floor for the kids to hang their coats, sweaters and school bags.  I also wanted some sort of bench, and the shoe basket to stay.

This is what I came up with...

I kept the small hooks we already had and used those for keys.  I had some baskets and just nailed those straight to the wall for the odds and ends I mentioned.  

I purchased two sets of large hooks one long, and one short.  The short one was hung high for adult coats, and the long one was hung lower for the kids things.  Hey, if they can hang up their stuff at school, they can do it at home!

The bench is an ottoman from our family room.  It was completely in the way there, but makes a great bench for this area.  Lastly, the shoe basket stayed.  Basically, when everyone comes home shoes get thrown in there vs. getting thrown all over the house for me to trip over.

I love it!  For very little cash...I have a new entryway with a touch of the Pottery Barnish vision I was looking for.  Here is one more view...

                               head is becoming less cluttered everyday!

Do you have trouble with a cluttered mind when your world is full of clutter?  Or is that just me?

Monday, September 20, 2010

And Other Adventures...

When I titled my blog, The Teleporting Toddler and other adventures of a working mom, I never thought that “other adventures” would mean anything more than manic mornings, crazy weekend outings, and the occasional stressful doctor’s appointment.  I never thought that my adventures would include this…

Yep, that is me carrying holding aiming a shotgun!  You know, just your typical Friday morning for a working mom of three.

The plan was that I was going to volunteer at the 11th Annual Sporting Clays Tournament selling raffle tickets, and Jer was going to shoot on one of the teams.  It is an annual event benefiting the Children's Education Fund, that we have participated in the past couple of years.  It’s a great way to help raise money to benefit children’s education.

So we were at the range bright and early.  Jer did his networking, male bonding thing, and I got busy helping out and selling raffle tickets.  Last year, I was big and preggo with Sweet Baby Jude so it was way too easy to sell tickets.  I would smile…the participants would look at me, all swollen, standing on my feet, green in the gills and start throwing their money at me…I didn’t even have to ask!  I think they were scared I would throw up on them if they didn’t get their tickets and get moving.  Hehe!  This year was a little different.  I had to smile and pull out my secret weapon…deep southern accent…

“Would yew liiike to buyyy some raaafle tickeeets?”  With a little eye bat, it works every time!  I better be careful, Jer is going to read this and figure me out...oops!

About the time everyone was leaving to go to the range to shoot, I suddenly found myself on my boss’ team.  They were short a member, and there were plenty of people to help out with my attempt a talking people out of their money.  Next thing I know I am in the middle of a field with earplugs and eye protection listening to someone talk about gauges, scoring and trees shooting back!  Seriously?

Now, I know in the picture above that I look like I know what I am doing.  Ha!  The last time I picked up a gun I was about 10.  Stop with the gasps...I was under the supervision of my Daddy.  For some reason, I was jealous that I didn’t get to go hunting with him while my brother did.  Daddy knew it was something I didn’t want to do, but I was stubborn.  He was right.  One morning in the cold, and one good kick from the shotgun was all it took for me to be happy to stay at home with my mom and sister.

Anyway, you get that I had no idea what I was doing!  Not to mention what I was wearing for footwear…

Yes, those are zebra stripes with sparkles.  Not the best decision when skeet shooting, but I didn't know I was shooting!

With a little instruction, I actually did pretty well.  I shot 23 out of 100, and got 3 doubles!  If you know anything about shooting skeet (you know I am an expert now) that is darn good for someone who hadn't held a gun in about 30 years.

It was an unusual day, but fun in the adventures of a working mom, and all for a good cause.  Now I want my own shotgun.  Do you think Jer will get me one for Christmas?

Mel and I taking a breather...firing a shotgun wears you out.  

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Loving School

Tuesday night was “Back To School Night” at my boys’ school.  We use the word “school” in our house, when many people consider it a day care center, but to us it is our boys’ school.  It is the place where they go to have their health and safety needs met while Jer and I are at work, but it is also where they go to play, make friends, be silly, and grow and learn about their world.  Their “school”, our school, is much more than a day care center for my boys.

As I left the event to go home and squeeze my two pairs of chubby cheeks, I couldn’t help but feeling overwhelmingly blessed to have such an amazing place, overflowing with incredible people, available to me and my family.

Many people ask me...

”How can you stand to be away from your boys for so long everyday?”
“How can you stomach the tuition each and every week?”
“Why don’t you just stay home?”
“How can you leave your boys to be cared for by strangers?”

My answers are always the same...

Being away from my boys is terribly hard.  I miss them each and every day, and yes some days it kills me.  This is what our family needs in this season of our lives.  This is our reality.  Plus, I simply enjoy my job.  I love what I do!

Yes, it is emotionally and financially hard to write that check each week, but it is all about how you look at it.  I am happy to pay for a quality education and top notch care for my boys.  Yes, I said education.  We call it “school” for a reason.  The boys are constantly participating in valuable learning activities...even Sweet Baby Jude!

Stay home?  It is not financially possible for me at this time in my life...period.  Because of that I am very thankful and happy to work at a wonderful company that supports my role as a full time employee and full time Mommy. I work because that is what my family needs.  Will it change?  Maybe, maybe not.  But right now, this is how our life works.  Daddy goes to work, Mommy goes to work, the boys go to school, and everyone manages while being happy, healthy and well adjusted.

The “cared for by strangers” question always cracks me up!  Strangers!?!  Are you kidding me?  The administration, teachers and staff who manage and work (tirelessly, I might add) at our school are part of our family, and we are a part of theirs. They have made a point to get to know us and we in return have grown to know them.  Because of this you can tell their “heart” is in what they do shows. 

Jack’s teachers know his likes, dislikes and how to make him laugh.  They know that currently a whimper is usually followed by a full blown tantrum, but they also know just how to soothe him.  They know that he is having trouble giving up the paci at home because for some reason Baby Jude gets to have one and he doesn’t.  They know he is obsessed with bockets, bobots and some strange reason, apples at the moment.

The wonderful women who care for Baby Jude everyday know the meaning of all his coos, quirks and funny faces.  They get just as excited about his milestones as we do, and if he hits one while we are away...they pretend it never happened and let us discover it ourselves. They are in love with his infectious giggle the same as we are.

I never worry about the boys’ care because this group of people are truly concerned about the welfare and happiness of the children in their charge.

Yes, some mornings when Cracker Jack is eager to go into the arms of his teachers, I do get a little sad...wishing I was the one who got to spend the day with him...secretly wanting him to cling to me instead.  Then I remember how fortunate and blessed I am that Jack admires, enjoys and trusts his teachers...completely.

That thought alone changes the outlook of my day, and makes it so much easier to walk way.  With a smile on my face, I leave knowing that my children will not only be watched over throughout the day, but TRULY loved.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Look at What My Prince Jer Did for Me!

If you are reading this post you may have noticed the change in my blog design.  I know, I know, I only have like seven posts and I am already changing things.  That's the way I do things, I constantly like to change everything around a bit.  Just ask Jer, we rearranged the office/playroom/studio/toy store for about the third tenth time (over the past year) this last weekend.  I am surprised I haven't been served with papers. Hehe!

So instead of doing the unthinkable, Jer joins in on the fun of change and whips me up this new totally fun header!  Isn't it cute?

I do have to admit that when he called to tell me he was working on a new header for my blog...I was a tad bit nervous.  Not that he isn't totally creative and comes up with some incredible ideas...sometimes most of the time our two different creative ideas don't always equal the same creative vision.   I have learned that my thoughts, ideas, visions of decorating, design and such aren't always about me now that I am a family of five instead of one.Being married to a creative man is a dream come true for me, but it has also been a lesson in compromise giving up control.  There is that control word would think I have a problem with it or something.  Hehe!

Anyway, so when he sent me a text saying to check my email, I had a little bit of anxiety.  As the image was loading, I had my eyes closed (no, I wasn't driving).  With my eyes shut tight, I kept saying, "Tracey, please like it, Tracey please like it!  Oh, Tracey, plleeeaazzze like it!"

I opened my eyes, and WOW!  I loved it!  Seriously, I so {heart} it!  It just screams Me, with the elementary manuscript and my beloved rockets!  Thank you, my Prince Jer!  Thank you for your love and support.  You made my day!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Children's Bathroom Before & After

If I should ever go missing one day, just look under the piles of laundry in my house. More than likely that is where you will find me.  Laundry is my arch enemy.  I swear as soon as I think I am finished it slithers out from the corners of every room and makes an attempt to nab me.

This bathroom redo originally began with a simple addition of a laundry hamper.  That addition caused the bathroom toys to be moved, which created a purging and organizing event, which lead to a new shower curtain, which lead to some new accessories, which led get the picture.  If you know me personally, you got it after reading the first sentence.  It's a disease, I can't help it.

The "children's" bathroom was originally Delaney Bug's bathroom.  I decorated it with a Princess theme before Bug, Jer and I became a family.

Bug loved the bathroom so much that she would take anyone who entered the house on a tour of HER bathroom.  Jack came along, and now Jude, and the Princess bathroom is just not so royal anymore...sigh.

As I said before, laundry is my nemesis.  You see!  Clothes creeping from all corners.  Again, if you know me...this drives me a little nuts INSANE!  So I had to do something about it.

My Prince, Jer, bathes the children every night...yes you read that correctly...every single night.  He does bath time while I am cleaning up dinner and preparing lunch, bottles, etc. for the next day.  Since Jer is always in charge of bath time, I have never given him a hard time about not making the children pick up their clothes.  I mean, hey, he does all bathing.  But I really needed this tornado of clothes, toys, name be gone. 

So I added a hamper in the bathroom.  My thought is that Jer can have the children put their clothes directly in the hamper when undressing vs. putting them in the hampers in their rooms after their bath.  There is a better chance of the clothes actually getting in the hamper if it is in the same room when they start their naked time ritual.

I moved a few things around and realized that the bath toys were overtaking this tiny room.  A little cleaning and purging and the bath toys had a new home.

This is Jack's old hamper, since he won't be needing it in his room anymore.  I hung it with some suction hooks I had lying around.  I love this because it is tilted just enough to let the water drain.  The children can put all the toys in the basket, Jer can hang it up and I can keep my sanity.  By the way, bath toys gross me out.  I just know they are full of germs and nastiness; so this will allow me to take this basket out to the driveway to sanitize every now and then.

The bath toys led to getting a new shower curtain because Bug's pink one was getting a little yucky.

A new shower curtain caused a change in accessories, because sea animals do not go with tiaras and jewels.  I had some blank canvases from a failed attempt at an art project.  I painted them with some of the sea life from the curtain.  I also wanted hooks for the children to hang up their towels; so that they could be used for at least one more bath.  Remember my laundry wants to eat me alive.  I am constantly trying to think of ways to reduce the ever growing monstrous pile.  Bug painted these hooks.  Blue is for her.  Orange is for Jack. Green is for Jude.

Aren't they cute?  We took some plastic cups out of the kitchen cabinet, and used the same colors for storing toothbrushes. Blue for Bug. Orange for Jack. Green for Jude...when he has teeth.

I am so pleased with the outcome of my attempt at adding a laundry hamper.  Not only is the hamper there, but every piece of evidence of the disaster that was my children's bathroom is now gone.  Let's take one more look...

So easy to do and satisfying.  No longer do I want to run down the stairs screaming when I enter this part of the house.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where Were You?

Where were you on September 11th?  A question we will all be asked...always.  A question that I now explain to my 5 year old when she asks about..."those buildings."

I was teaching first grade in Dallas.  It was a normal Tuesday in September.  We were still in the first few weeks of school, and I was still getting to know my class and adjusting to a new routine...pretty normal for a school day in September.

Then during a phonics lesson, my world changed, our world changed.  We all knew terrorism was on the rise, but did any of us really think we would suffer such a loss on United States soil?

Really? I didn't.

I may have been naive, but I truly never believed I would see such tragedy in my country.  I was very patriotic, I was raised to be proud of my country, and I always thought that when it came to acts of terrorism that I was safe in the United States.

I was 30 years old, trying to make my way in the world.  Working two jobs and going to graduate school.  A terrorist attack was probably the last thing on my mind.  Now, it creeps into my thoughts often.

A fellow teacher came to tell me that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center.  I really thought it was just a rumor.  I have always been the one to think positive in a time of crisis; so I was truly telling myself that it wasn't that bad.  Then my cell phone rang.

Nine years ago it was new for me to have a cell phone, and strange for it to ring during class.  At that moment I knew it was serious, and someone was calling to tell me.

It was my Mom.  She was calling her three children...just to hear their voices.

"Tracey, have you heard what's going on?"

"Yes,  Mom but is it really that bad?"

"Yes Tracey, this is real!  It is awful!  I am watching it right now.  People are calling their loved ones to say good-bye...I can't imagine.  Are you and your students ok?  I love you!  Take care of them today."

"I love you, Mom.  I've got it under control."

Before I could tell her good-bye, the first tower collapsed.  And to be honest.  I really didn't have anything under control.  I was confused and petrified.  I just wanted to see what was happening.  Being in an elementary school we weren't turning on TVs as not to terrify the children.  I wanted to be with my family.  I wanted to fall on my knees and pray.

I swore that day I would never get in another plane, nine months later I did.  Two years later I was no longer teaching and flying every week.  Have I forgotten?  No, never.  The memories, thoughts and fears are always there...some where.  I still pray for continued healing for all those who suffered that day.

I will never forget...where I was...what I proud I was to be an I changed.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

From Robots and Rockets to “Bobots” and “Bockets"

I was 37 when I became pregnant with Cracker Jack.  I had truly given up on the desire of getting married and having children when it was all dropped suddenly into my lap.  That story is for another blog post.  Of course like any Mommy-to-be, who had been dreaming for years about becoming a Mommy, I had all sorts of ideas and thoughts about names, birth plans, baby gear, etc.
So when Prince Jer and I discovered that we were blessed with a boy, we immediately knew how I we wanted to decorate the nursery...I mean, come on, I had been planning this since...forever!  Just between you and me, one of the reasons I was so wishing for a boy was that I was in LOVE with my nursery theme idea.
I had decided, and the little boy in Prince Jer easily agreed (whew) that if we had a boy that we would decorate his nursery with a rocket theme.  A retro rocket theme, with rockets, robots, aliens and such.  I would have been completely lost if we were having a girl, but I knew it was going to be rockets for my baby boy.
Naturally, much thought and planning when into Cracker Jack’s nursery.  Prince Jer painted a mural on the wall.  He also made some rockets to hang from the ceiling and added the solar system as well.

I altered some paper mache letters for Jack's name.

The bedding was specifically picked out to compliment the retro movie print.

But my favorite part of decorating the nursery was searching for and collecting retro tin toys.  I wanted to add robots, spaceships, rockets and aliens to the little nook and crannies of Cracker Jack’s room.  It was so much fun finding these tin gadgets trying them out.

I carefully planned the placement of each and every adorable one.  I would place it one day and switch it around the next until I got it just the way I wanted.  After all, isn’t the placement of accessories in a nursery the most important step in planning for a baby?  I just knew Cracker Jack and his 5 day old self would be oh-so-impressed!
Fast forward about a year and a half...
I never really expected Jack to even care about the specially selected toy accessories.  I honestly never even gave it a thought.  I just assumed that they would sit on the shelves and be something that I loved and needed to dust.  Contrary to my thought on the matter, Cracker Jack has thoughts of his own...
These toys have become his objects of desire.  He could careless that they wind up and move, in fact it scares him a little, he must think it is a little creepy for a tin toy to suddenly start into motion.  These toys are his equal to other toddlers' teddy bears.  When he is tired, he doesn’t cry for his bunny or blankie, it is his “bockets” and “bobots” that soothe him.  My little guy would rather snuggle up to a cold piece of tin than a warm and fuzzy bunny, and it just melts my heart!

Obviously, novelty tin toys do not handle the love of a toddler very well.  The "bockets" are losing their wings, the "bobots" have lost some limbs.  During all of the selecting of these guys, I my laid back Type A self would have died...just croaked...if anything happened to this precious tin fleet that I obsessed over.  But just like Jack, I don’t care.  I love that they have become more to Jack than nursery accessories, and I adore the fact that he will love them right down to their last hinge and bolt.

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