Wednesday, September 1, 2010

God's Promise

"I have placed my rainbow in the clouds, it is the sign of my covenant with you and with all the earth."  Genesis 9:13

Today was one of those days.  One of those days where being a mommy, an employee and a wife was just plain hard.  I can't even think of what actually went wrong today, but I just know I felt like I was chasing my life uphill.  Rushing in the morning to get everyone ready and out the door, get to the office that I can leave early to get some more of life's errands ran, and finally fight traffic to get back home to enjoy my sweet boys...who were already in bed.  You know, just one of those days...where I wasn't feeling that I wasn't being "good" at any thing, struggling to be everything to everyone, trying to be in charge and in control of it all...

But then God sent me a little something to remind me, once again, that I don't have to stress about being in control...because He is.  A full double rainbow, arching from end to end, right out my front balcony.  It was a perfectly framed painting...breathtaking...surreal actually.

At the sight of this my stress completely vanished as quickly as the rainbow appeared.  Just has God promised Noah that a flood would never cover the earth again, I felt that this rainbow was a reminder of the promise to me.  God's promise that He is always working on my behalf; so I can release my need for control to Him.  And, while life may stress me out and leave me broken some days, that if I continue to follow and glorify Him, that I will always be fulfilled.

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