Monday, September 20, 2010

And Other Adventures...

When I titled my blog, The Teleporting Toddler and other adventures of a working mom, I never thought that “other adventures” would mean anything more than manic mornings, crazy weekend outings, and the occasional stressful doctor’s appointment.  I never thought that my adventures would include this…

Yep, that is me carrying holding aiming a shotgun!  You know, just your typical Friday morning for a working mom of three.

The plan was that I was going to volunteer at the 11th Annual Sporting Clays Tournament selling raffle tickets, and Jer was going to shoot on one of the teams.  It is an annual event benefiting the Children's Education Fund, that we have participated in the past couple of years.  It’s a great way to help raise money to benefit children’s education.

So we were at the range bright and early.  Jer did his networking, male bonding thing, and I got busy helping out and selling raffle tickets.  Last year, I was big and preggo with Sweet Baby Jude so it was way too easy to sell tickets.  I would smile…the participants would look at me, all swollen, standing on my feet, green in the gills and start throwing their money at me…I didn’t even have to ask!  I think they were scared I would throw up on them if they didn’t get their tickets and get moving.  Hehe!  This year was a little different.  I had to smile and pull out my secret weapon…deep southern accent…

“Would yew liiike to buyyy some raaafle tickeeets?”  With a little eye bat, it works every time!  I better be careful, Jer is going to read this and figure me out...oops!

About the time everyone was leaving to go to the range to shoot, I suddenly found myself on my boss’ team.  They were short a member, and there were plenty of people to help out with my attempt a talking people out of their money.  Next thing I know I am in the middle of a field with earplugs and eye protection listening to someone talk about gauges, scoring and trees shooting back!  Seriously?

Now, I know in the picture above that I look like I know what I am doing.  Ha!  The last time I picked up a gun I was about 10.  Stop with the gasps...I was under the supervision of my Daddy.  For some reason, I was jealous that I didn’t get to go hunting with him while my brother did.  Daddy knew it was something I didn’t want to do, but I was stubborn.  He was right.  One morning in the cold, and one good kick from the shotgun was all it took for me to be happy to stay at home with my mom and sister.

Anyway, you get that I had no idea what I was doing!  Not to mention what I was wearing for footwear…

Yes, those are zebra stripes with sparkles.  Not the best decision when skeet shooting, but I didn't know I was shooting!

With a little instruction, I actually did pretty well.  I shot 23 out of 100, and got 3 doubles!  If you know anything about shooting skeet (you know I am an expert now) that is darn good for someone who hadn't held a gun in about 30 years.

It was an unusual day, but fun in the adventures of a working mom, and all for a good cause.  Now I want my own shotgun.  Do you think Jer will get me one for Christmas?

Mel and I taking a breather...firing a shotgun wears you out.  


  1. Love Your Blog!!!

  2. Thanks Jill! It has been fun so far. Thank you so much for checking it out!


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