Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Telling the World How Much I Love My Wife...

Hello blog readers out there!  I am hijacking Tracey’s blog on her 40th birthday.  Bare with me while I tell the world how much I love my wife.  Jeremy

The Many Reasons I Love You
Your smile
Your eyes
How you clap your hands when you get happy
You singing “I got you babe” as loud as you can. Especially  the Cher parts
The way you look at and appreciate art
The way you smile at me from across a room
Your sincerity & kindness towards everyone
Your devotion to God
Your devotion to our family
Your creativity
The way you decorate for the holidays
Your organization
Your cooking
Your sense of humor
Your black boots
Your red sweaters
Your thick velvety hair
Your perfume “Princess”
Your love of Delaney like she is your own
The way you talk with our kids
The way you teach
The way you love
The way you share
Your laugh (especially when you can’t stop laughing)
Your joy
Your love of life
And most of all, the way you cup your hands together & look into my eyes as you fall into my arms.
I Love You…to the moon…and back.  Happy Birthday!

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