Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Teleporting Toddler Strikes Again!

Cracker Jack lived up to his reputation doubt.  While I was out braving the crowds at Walmart, I stopped to check on the boys by sending Jer a quick text.  This is what I get in return...

"Caught red-handed!!!!"

"I looked away for 2 seconds while cleaning."

"Bathing BOTH of them now."

"Jack thought he'd fix his bro's hair too!"

Jack had obviously teleported again...ending up with his hands straight into his hair pomade! least he knew how to use it.

The good thing about getting texts like this while battling the crazies at Walmart, is that I pretty much forgot about the holiday chaos.  I was too busy laughing hysterically and causing everyone to think I was the one who was insane!

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