Saturday, December 4, 2010

Starting New Christmas Traditions

The first year Jer and I were married it was our turn to have Delaney Bug on Christmas.  Even though I was VERY tired and VERY pregnant with Cracker Jack, I was determined to continue the many Christmas traditions I had as child with Delaney.  Candy canes on the tree, birthday cake for Baby Jesus, and a cousin gift exchange are just a few of the many small activities we began with Bug that year.

The next year I was pregnant, AGAIN, with Baby Jude and EXHAUSTED from chasing Cracker Jack around.  We continued the traditions and activities with Jack that we started the previous year with Delaney, but failed to start any of the new ones I had planned.  I felt guilty for a bit, but then decided to give myself a break…it was an exciting and overwhelming year to say the least.

This year is different.  Most days, due to the fact that I am not growing a baby, I am energized to make new Christmas memories with Jer and our sweet kids.  Elf on the shelf, making Christmas candy and advent calendars are some of our new traditions this year. 

Completely unplanned and by surprise, which is totally not me, we started a new tradition today.  My friend Mel convinced me that we needed to visit the downtown Dallas Neiman Marcus' window displays.  It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!  So glad we did.

If you know Cracker Jack, you know he LOVES rockets and robots, or “bockets and bobots”.  He was over the moon, that Neiman’s theme this year involved a ton of retro rockets.  

It was like Santa had delivered his presents several weeks early…he was in awe!

I really didn’t think the boys would care much about seeing the decorations and such, but even Jude was excited and happy to join in on the merriment.  

We were so touched.  Jer was in tears over the boys’ delight, but you're not allowed to tell him that you now know about that.

As you can see, sitting on Santa’s lap was not so traumatic due to the fact that he was sitting in front of a too cool gigantic rocket.

Well, maybe just a little...

Jack was so enthralled with all the rockets that he was convinced that every skyscraper in downtown Dallas was a “bocketship”!  

How did I get so blessed to have such a stinkin’ cute and charming little boy!?!

What an incredible day and a great new Christmas tradition!

If you live in the area, it is a MUST see.

What are some of your families' Christmas traditions?


  1. Oh I am SO glad you guys did this! I used to do the same thing! But when I was a little girl my grandmother would take me and my cousins to the display windows at the stores in Preston Hollow. I can't remember now what stores were there, it might have been Titches or something, but we were always mesmerized. It was always signaled the start of our favorite time of year! I would have given ANYTHING to see Jack's face!

  2. So glad we did that!!! You have to post the rest of the pics on FB.


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