Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Tree

Our tree has been up since a week before Thanksgiving. The early arrival doesn't normally happen. In fact it never happens. I am usually trying to get the tree up a couple of weeks before Christmas. The Christmas spirit must have tracked me down early.

We are still using an artificial tree. Jer and I always intend to get a real tree, but everyone in our household are victims to severe allergies. We are just not ready to take that chance, especially during the holiday season.

There is no real pattern or theme to our tree. We have some basic bows, and most of the ornaments are keepsakes given to us. Each year, we let Delaney pick out some new ornaments for herself. Now Jack is doing the same, and next year I think Jude will be old enough to at least point and say "mine!" My plan is that when my darlings grow up (sob) that I will send all of their ornaments with them to put on their own trees. Bug is now jabbering about how she can't wait to grow up, so she can TAKE her ornaments and have her own tree. Last month she couldn't wait to grow up, so she could drive to the store and by her own food consisting of Fruity Pebbles and candy. I can't wait to hear her next reason to become an adult!

Cracker Jack's favorite ornament're going to be so shocked...wait for it...

A robot! He surprisingly has left it alone. I keep telling him it's hot. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't figure out that I am telling him a big fat lie anytime soon.

Delaney Bug's favorite is a pair of ice skates that Jer and I bought her as a treat our first year as a family. She insists that it was hung VERY high, so that Jack didn't "smash it."

Of course we don't know what Jude's favorite is yet, but his first ornament is this cute little snowman. Complete with cubby cheeks to match his own.

Jer and I have two favorites. One is a glass ball that we picked up in Hawaii when we got married. It has a bride and groom amongst paradise. The other is a frog prince. I found this while traveling the first Christmas Jer and I had met. It pretty much sums up how I felt...I had finally met my prince.

And of course, the tree would not be complete without a Cracker Jack touch. It makes a perfect home for his Fisher Price nativity set. Complete with the ornaments that he does manage to pull off, and his "Baby Hezus".

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