Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jack & Daddy Chats

A daily scene between Jer and Cracker Jack...

JER:  Jack, what does a cow say?
JACK:  Moooo!
JER:  That's right!  What does a snake say?
JACK:  Ssssss!
JER:  That's right!  What does a car say?
JACK:  Vroom!
JER:  That's right!  What does a tiger say?
JACK:  Roar!
JER:  That's right!  What does a robot say?
JACK:  Dee doo, dee doo!
JER:  That's right!  What does an owl say?
JACK:  Who! Who! Who!
JER:  That's right!  What does a shark say?
JACK:  Da da da da da da!
JER:  That's right!  What does Darth Vader say?
JACK:  Haw-ker, haw-ker!
JER:  That's right!  What does Mommy say?
JACK:  Grrrrrrr!
JER:  You got that right, buddy, you got that right!
JER and JACK:  (Hysterical laughter)

Glad I can make 'em laugh!


  1. SO cute!!! One question: Sharks say "da da da da da da"?

  2. LOL...Jer has taught him that sharks sound like the music from Jaws...da da, da da, da da...I have tried to replace it with Chomp, chomp...no luck with that!

  3. Ha! Now I get it! :) That was AWESOME!


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