Monday, December 13, 2010

Another New Tradition-Christmas Baking

I've never really been a baker.  My mom has always been in charge of desserts at holiday dinners, so I haven't been forced into it either.  To be honest it intimidates me.  Planning and cooking Thanksgiving dinner equals bliss.  Baking for the holidays...not so much.

During another late night of blog browsing, I found this post from My Blessed Life.  Just the pictures alone will have you reaching for your keys to go stock up on semi-sweet chocolate!  Halfway to the store, I remembered I have no idea how to perform a soft ball test or how to identify the consistency of melted caramel.  The amazing thing about this list of treats is the recipes are REALLY EASY!

I enlisted my friend Mel, with promises of dinner, wine and a sugar coma, and together we started a new Christmas baking tradition.  We tackled the Peppermint Bark, White Chocolate-Covered Oreos, and Homemade Twix Bars.  I am proud to say they were all a success...our judge being they lasted about  45 seconds in the office kitchen this morning.

We kept the children happy and involved at bay with the jobs of "spoon lickers".  They were more than eager to take on the responsibility!

1 comment:

  1. I can't stop eating the candy. I plan on blaming the next 10 pounds on you... :)


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