Monday, November 8, 2010

My BusyBodyBook

Lately I have been getting the question...

"How do you keep up with it all?"

I am over-the-top the point of driving my husband insane.

I make lists, lists and more the point of driving myself insane.

Also, I am often sleep deprived.  I could blame it on the boys, but they pretty much sleep through the night.  It is mainly due to the fact that my brain won't rest until I feel like most things are neat and tidy.  

I have always used some sort of organizer to keep up with all my lists, appointments, notes, etc.  I have also always preferred paper over electronic.  There is just something about writing down and checking off a task that makes it much more satisfying.  Just another one of my many quirks.  

With my recent confession of having Mommy Brain, I have had to resort to writing down everything...everything!  I pretty much dump my brain on paper on a daily basis.  But, there has never been an organizer that has met my needs, nor one that I just LOVE.  Until now...

I have been using The BusyBodyBook for a few months now.  It is so versatile! The BusyBodyBook is a monthly and weekly organizer set up in a GRID format.  Each column can be assigned to a different family member, project, or other activity.  Mine is set up with columns assigned to the office, home, boys and blog.  My friend, Mel, uses her to keep up with work duties and assignments for her various graduate classes.

I use it to keep up with events and appointments, but I also use it to write down lists and record milestones for my boys.  It is my all-in-one sanity check.  In case you are wondering, the people at BusyBodyBook didn't ask me to write this or give me my book.  I just {heart) it and wanted to share!

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