Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gratitude-Blessings Board

My mother has taught me many, many things in life.  She has taught me how to be kind, considerate and polite.  She has shown me how dedication, loyalty and hard work are worth the effort.  She has even taught me how to thread a bobbin and scrub a tub!  But, the one thing she has taught me above all else is gratitude.

No matter the situation, my mother will come up with a list of reasons to be grateful. When I choose to let the chaos of life drag me down into a pit, I call my mother to whine about it a bit…well…a lot.  She is used to it.  She expects it.  It is my MO when I get tired and overwhelmed.  She usually snaps me out of it by making me count my blessings.  She has always told me, that when everything seems unbearable start counting your blessings…”you always have something to be grateful for, Tracey.  Always.”

To be completely honest…I haven’t been very grateful lately.  I have had one too many pity parties over the past few weeks, even ignoring some of my mother’s coaching.  It is actually quite silly.

So when I was browsing blogs the other day when I came across Julie at Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss.  I just love the name of her blog!  She had a great post about a Blessings Board she made for her family. I immediately thought of my mother.

A Blessings Board is a great little project to help your family remember and reflect on blessings.

Not only did this post get me thinking about making my own Blessings Board, but it also stopped me in my tracks…I am SO.VERY.BLESSED! I am over-the-top blessed, truly.  I have a wonderful, happy, healthy, and very supportive family.  I have loyal and encouraging friends and coworkers.  Not to mention the numerous material things I possess that make my life so much more convenient than many people in the world, country, and state…probably even on my block!

I am hoping my own Blessings Board will be a constant reminder that I have no reason to whine and complain, when there is so much to be grateful for.

Here is how I made my board…

Since we don’t have much useable wall space around our house, I decided to make my board out of a frame that could sit on a counter or dresser top.

I started with an 8x10 frame, some scrapbook paper and letter stickers.  I purchased all of these supplies at Hobby Lobby (my #2 happy place) for 40% off.  I {heart} Hobby Lobby.  I had the dry erase marker in my stash.

I cut down the scrapbook paper to fit the opening in the frame, and then attached the letter stickers.  I chose to use the word “gratitude”.  I am not really good with a numbered list.  I can come up with 50+ things to make up a list in my head, but if you tell me to write down 10, I swear I will suddenly only be able to write down 8.  Baffles me!

I put the paper in the frame.  Placed it on top of our bathroom counter, thinking it would be a perfect place to be an excellent reminder each morning.  I then begin to list my blessings.  Love it!  Even Jer is enjoying adding to the list.

We all are surrounded by blessings.  When you are sitting in your own pit, try writing them down…it helps…I promise!


  1. Love this. Bring one to work. We'll put the running man in the background. :)

  2. I love your version, Tracey! If you don't mind, I'm going to add it to another features post soon!

  3. Thanks Julie! It was quick and fun. Thanks for the inspiration. It would tickle me for you to feature it!


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