Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jack the Nibbler

Look at that face!

This darling little baby would never hurt a fly, right?


Cracker Jack has turned into Jack the Nibbler.

He has taken to nibbling on his friends at school when they disrupt his toddler world.

Yes, my sweet boy has entered the stage of biting, and it is causing me much stress.

Monday was bad, but today was better.

Let's all pray that Jack learns to use his growing vocabulary instead of his teeth in times of dispute.

He will either outgrown this stage or become the star of the next Twilight movie.


  1. OK, that is the perfect pic for him! The "Huh? Who me?" look! I LOVE that boy! I'm really sorry he's biting now though! It will pass honey. I promise!

  2. Button!! Use your words... just not the ones Daddy uses. :)

  3. It's getting better. I hope it stays that way. It is making me nuts!


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