Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Quick Pantry Door Project

Wow!  It's been over a week since I have posted anything over here at The Teleporting Toddler!  The Roden house has been crazy busy and sick...again, which leaves me with lots to blog about, but little time to actually sit down to blog it.  

Here is a quick project I did with our pantry door...

Our pantry door is the landing place for all the kids' artwork.  I have had a bulletin board on it for the past couple of years, but it always seems to be so cluttered...I hate clutter...shocker...I know!  
I have thought about adding another bulletin board, but I think that will just create more clutter.  So while browsing the aisles of my happy place...Target...I decided to hang up some cork board.

I just purchased a package of the square cork board and some 3M Command adhesive tape.

All of our doors in the house have a decorative inset.  To accommodate that and not cover it up, I traced the outline of it with tracing paper.
For once I was very lucky in a decorating/organizing project and discovered that the cork board squares were the exact size of my inset.  So I just attached them to the door with the adhesive tape, and trimmed the top one to match the curve in the inset.

Tada!  A new cork board pantry door.  We have much more room for artwork now.  I think having just the cork hung and not a whole bulletin board gives it a less cluttered look.
Now if I can just figure out how to reduce the clutter of viruses running through my house at the moment...

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  1. Awesome pantry doors having a dashboard so you could put anything to it without knowing that it could be good decor at the same time. Good idea!


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