Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dollar Store Decorating-Valentine's Day Version

I really hadn't planned on doing much decorating for Valentine's Day...HA...clearly I am obsessed.  Once I started posting my projects,  questions started coming in asking when I was posting my Dollar Store decorating for Valentine's Day.  I kept it really simple this time...

I purchased:  red doilies, heart table scatter, plastic heart boxes, cardboard heart boxes, and conversation heart candy.

I used the white tulle ribbon, white card stock, candles, and candle holders from my stash.

With this I made a simple heart garland and a cute table decoration.

For the garland...

I simply stapled the red doilies to the white tulle ribbon.

Cut out hearts from the white card stock and attached them to the doilies with a glue stick.

Attached the heart table scatter to the white hearts with craft glue.

And hung it on the stairs.

For the table decoration...

I filled the candle holders with the conversation heart candy.  I basically just repeated my candy corn idea.  I filled the cardboard hearts with the candy also, and arranged it all in the center of the table.  Now if I can keep my little people from swiping the candy!  I guess it is time to start the rumor that the candy is covered in glue.

These two projects were super easy and dollar store cheap!


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  1. Good job on the heart banner!! One of the reasons why I don't make really long banners is because they are so expensive to make, but with your dollar store tips, I will be having them around the house!! LOL Thanks for sharing!


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