Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bye-Bye Dining Room

Jer and I have been dreaming of a new house.  

We love our neighborhood, but it is too far out.  For the past several months I have been neglecting some projects, organization, and redecorating.  I have been saying to our new house...I will do...this or that.  I have been so preoccupied with creating this new perfect house in my imagination that I have fallen a little out of love with my current home.

Well the fact is, we aren't going to move anytime soon, and I need to tackle these projects, and fall back in love with my house.  It is a beautiful home.  No reason for me not to love it.  There actually is a plenty of room for the kids to play and roam.  The space just needs to be used more wisely.

The first item of business is the dining room.  (Big sigh) I {heart} my dining room.
I love the color, my wall art, and my dining table that I got for a STEAL at the Barn years ago.  I especially love and treasure my Granny's mission bookcase.  Its from 1916 and still has the original glass.  How it survived me and my siblings, I will never understand.
I really didn't want to part with any of it, and frankly I wasn't going to.  But Jer and I needed an office.  The dining room is used maybe 3 to 4 times a year for Thanksgiving and birthdays.  It just isn't a wise use of space.  After a little pep talk, I convinced myself it was the right thing to do...say good-bye to my dining room.

So some rearranging commenced.
We moved some shelves and an existing desk from upstairs.
Some items were repurposed.
Granny's bookcase is now used has an actual bookcase.  The dining room table became my desk, and the chairs were put in storage to pull out when we entertain.
Now, Jer and I have an actual office.  
I thought I would hate it, but I kind of love it.  Jer is over the moon to have his own space.  That alone makes the 525 trips up and down the stairs completely worth it.  

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  1. Hi...just wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading your blog and that I really like that wall color! Green is so hard to get right : )


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