Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Healthy Snack or Toy?

Cracker Jack loves fruit.  He regularly has an apple in one hand while playing with a Matchbox car with the other.  It is not unusual to find him trying to read a book while holding a handful of strawberries.  If he is watching TV, you can usually find him trying to hold onto a mango and peach at the same time.

You are probably thinking…

“Wow, that is so great!  Her kid loves to eat fruit instead of junk food.” 

Oh no.  Don’t let that tiny human fool you!  He would rather have fruit snacks or cookie any day.

He loves to PLAY with fruit.  He has introduced this food group to his cars and dinosaurs, and they are all getting along grand in Jack’s toddler world.  It’s crazy, frustrating and cute too.

Jer and I literally sneak into the refrigerator, and we have hidden the fruit basket.  Jack can just see us walk into the kitchen and he starts his demands of for an “awpull!”, “onage!” or “stawbebe!”  Anyone who witnesses this thinks it is just oh so adorable.  Until they #1-observe him carry them around for hours while maybe taking one tiny bite, or #2-it gets smashed in their lap.  

Like I said…crazy, frustrating and so stinkin’ cute.  Well, stinkin’ cute until I find one of his beloved “toys” under the bed, in the car, or crushed in his crib literally stinking up our house.

Toddlers truly are sweet, infuriating, enchanting beings all rolled up into one.

What nutty things do (or did) your children do when they were toddlers?  Please tell me mine isn’t the only one!

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  1. Cuteness. Joey carried around a bag of carrots all day, every day. I think he was trying to be Bugs Bunny. He did eventually start eating them, though, so there's hope!


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