Monday, April 4, 2011

Reminder Board

You may have seen my post this past fall about my Gratitude Board.  We are still using it as much as possible.  It is such a great reminder of our countless blessings.

My blessings aren't the only thing I need to be reminded of lately.  I am still suffering from Mommy brain. It must truly be lack of sleep.  Jude is teething and Jack is having nightmares...sigh.  

I find that I have lists and post-its all over my desk to remind me of daily details I need to take care of while sitting at my desk.  You know, the little things that you need to do while sitting in front of the computer, calendar, or contact list...well, I have forgotten many of those lately.  Forgetting them makes life just a litte more hectic and completely drives me insane!  Who needs more hectic!?!?

So, I decided to make myself a Reminder Board to write all those little "to-dos" that need to be done for the day/week.  Excuse the awful pictures.  They were taken in the middle of the night with my phone...thanks to those toddler nightmares!

It is simply a picture frame with patterned paper inserted.  I added a few ribbons to take the cute factor up a notch, and used a dry erase marker to make my list.  You can get the full instructions here.

I erase my "to-dos" as I complete them, and add new ones as I think about them.  This might actually help my case of Mommy brain.

I also have made one to use to announce sales and such at my Vintage Couture Trunk Shows.

Another quick and easy project!  You should try it!

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  1. This is a really cute idea!!! I love your gratitude board, too! :o)


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