Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day Countdown {Tutorial}

My brain has been on project overload this week.  Either I am really inspired, or I am still avoiding the laundry. Whatever the reason, I have been having a blast!  Valentine's Day has always been my favorite holiday, so why not countdown the days until February 14th?!?  Nothing better than getting your children all hyped up for the day...right?

Supplies you will need:

  • 14 Valentine cards (the dollar store has a great selection)
  • Ribbon (I found this ribbon at the Dollar Spot in Target)
  • 16 Wooden clothespins (I used the small size)
  • Red and white card stock
  • Craft glue
  • Number stickers (you will need enough to make the numbers 1-14)
  • Hanging shoe organizer
  • Various Valentine's Day treats
Attach a strip of ribbon to the front of each clothespin using craft glue.  I used the small clothespins, but the regular size will work too.  Let those dry while you work on the rest of the project.
Separate the Valentine's Day cards.  I laminated these to help them survive my toddler duo, but it is not necessary.
Use the number stickers to place a number (1-14) on each card. 
Make a pattern you like as you attach the number stickers.
Use the red and white card stock to make a Valentine's Day Countdown sign.  You can hand write it, use stickers, or print it from the computer.  I printed this one and backed it with red card stock.  I laminated this as well...just a little obsessed with my new toy!
This shoe organizer had six rows of four pockets.  I cut of the two bottom rows, so that I had 16 pockets total.
Hang on the back of a door.  I hung mine on the door leading to our garage, so we can countdown as we leave for the day.  I used the removable 3m hooks, so that I don't damage the door when it comes down after the holiday.
Attach the countdown sign to the top of the organizer using two ribbon covered clothespins.
Attach the Valentine's Day card with the rest of the clothespins.  I started with the #1 card in the top left corner.
Place the last two cards in the middle of the last row.
Yes, I chose a lot of candy for my treats.  To be honest, it was the most inexpensive and easiest to find.  Next year, I will plan in advance and pick some non-sugary items.

Place the treats in the pockets behind the Valentine's Day cards.  I placed enough treats to cover all three of my darlings.
Begin counting down the days on February 1st.
When you countdown a day, take of the Valentine's Day card and place it in the pocket, and let your little or big ones enjoy the treats!

My total cost for this project was less than $15.  Having the shoe organizer in my stash helped keep down the cost, but these can be picked up anywhere for a minimal price.

Now if I can just keep my children from swiping all the treats before we get to February 1st!

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  1. What a FAB idea! Totally cute!

  2. This is one of thee best ideas I've seen for Valentines Day! It's going in my Inspiration folder for sure! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Super Cute!! Looks easy and simple. That's right up my alley!!! Saw you on Life of Bliss!!!


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