Friday, January 21, 2011

Jack's Turning 2!

I cannot believe that today is Jack’s last day of being a one year old.  I can’t stand it!  Like every new mother, I am wondering where the last two years have gone.  I knew parenthood would bring me joy, but I never realized how just how overwhelming that joy could be.   These are just a few things Jack is doing right now that keep the joy overflowing…
  • His love of anything that beeps, roars, zooms or crashes.
  • If it doesn’t beep, roar or crash…he is going to make the sound effects to make it do so.
  • When he doesn’t want his picture taken, he says “No cheese, Momma!  No cheese!”
  • He says “cookie” in the same voice as the Cookie monster.
  • If allowed he would stay in his pajamas all day long, and Elmo slippers as well.
  • How he says “hi” to every cow, bus, fire truck, bird we pass on the road…”Hi cow!”…”Hi bus!”…
  • How proud he is of himself that he sleeps in a big boy bed.
  • Every container turned upside down is a drum.
  • That he thinks his tricycle is a bicycle and corrects us if we call it a tricycle.
  • That every ball now has its own special name….soc-cer ball, feet-ball, bass-ball.
  • When he wants to go home, he says he wants to go to “Jack’s house.”
  • That he loves to eat breakfast for dinner, and if given the choice would eat pancakes for all three meals.
  • His love of books, books and more books!
  • His infectious and precious laughter!  Once he gets going it’s hard to stop.  Jack LOVES to laugh!
  • His protective nature of his baby brother Jude.
  • But most of all…how he lights up and says “Hi Mum!” when I walk into a room…every single time.

I am so proud of the amazing little boy he is growing into.  His smile, laughter and sweet spirit remind me daily that I am blessed beyond measure!

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  1. so sweet! and as you know I'm a fan of that laugh! love him


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